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Following a proven model

The Alacrity business model has been refined and proven over many years in many locations around the globe. It combines the experience and lead investment of Wesley Clover with three additional, critical components for success: like-minded local partners, local business and technology academia, and local government programs.
Also key to this model is the realization that larger corporations can bring new technologies to market more efficiently by having them developed independently through small and agile new start-ups. As a result, such corporations are encouraged to partner with the local Alacrity fund to gain access to these new solutions in return for the strategic input provided to the start-ups initially, and the access to established channels to market that will then help them mature into sustainable firms.

Implementing the model in Mexico

Alacrity Mexico adapts this successful methodology to the needs of the local market and provides Fund investors with a unique opportunity to participate in the building of innovative, globally-focused new technology start-ups. It provides start-ups with guidance and mentorship based on best-practices from leading technology companies, and opens doors to global distribution partners and channels for a unique competitive advantage against local and international peers.
Time-to-market is a key success factor for every seed-stage company. For this reason, the Fund drives portfolio companies to introduce products to the marketplace 8 to 14 months after concept and plan approval. The Fund will not invest in a company without a commitment from a strategic partner or customer to test, use, sell or distribute the proposed product or service. This is essential for everything from feature definition to proof-of-concept to market roll-out planning and early revenue streams.
The Fund focuses investments in the following areas of opportunity:
  • Enterprise communications and business applications (Cloud)
  • Mobile device applications (Mobile)
  • Cross-platform media (Social)
These are industries and areas of application the Fund investors and managers know well, and have deep connections into. They are market sectors experiencing strong and sustained growth, on a global scale. This enables management to diversify investments, contain risk, and leverage the extended Alacrity ecosystem for complimentary technology, partnership and customer opportunities.