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As part of the global Alacrity start-up ecosystem, Alacrity Mexico invests in local entrepreneurs to develop and grow successful new Mexican technology companies.

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About Alacrity Mexico

Part of the Alacrity Global initiative, Alacrity Mexico invests in idea and early stage opportunities in the Information and Communications Technology (“ICT”) industry and develops them in Mexico as seed‐stage portfolio companies.

We co-create, fund, mentor and help grow these technology start-ups, providing them with intellectual property, partnership, channel and customer opportunities through a broad ecosystem that dramatically improves the chances of success.

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Overview of Alacrity

  • Geography

    We create companies based in Mexico City.

  • Investments

    We enable entrepreneurs to build next-generation Cloud and SaaS applications, IoT and Machine Learning solutions and more.
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  • Entrepreneurs

    We select high-potential technology entrepreneurs and provide seed capital, development and mentoring boot camps, and pathways to international growth.
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  • Ecosystem

    We offer access to global mentors, partners, markets, resellers and customers.
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  • Follow-on Funding

    We provide follow-on seed capital to continue scaling selected companies through market entry and growth phases.
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  • Create Your Company

    We are looking for entrepreneurs with business and IT skills who are eager to build their next big company.
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